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Chocolate Builds Customer Loyalty

 Are you reaching for chocolate before you even read this article? C’mon!

Chocolate is irresistible to many and a big business around the world. Just thinking about it makes some people want to eat a whole box.

Chocolate has molded its way into the corporate gifts market in a very big way. Millions of dollars are spent each year in Chocolate Delightsfor customers. We have done company logos, coffee mugs, roses, coins, letters, motorcycles, musical notes, telephones and computers made from chocolate and sent as gifts to customers. Anything can be made from chocolate! We also have a business card box as well as printing custom gift boxes with your company logo and personalization available.

I’ve often wondered if those in Marketing Departments are selecting chocolate gifts for customers hoping there will be leftovers. I know I would!

Seriously now, don’t you think that those chocolate gifts contribute to customer retention? I will make a wild guess that they do help a bit. I’d love to see data from a company who can verify that their chocolate gift giving has made improvements to their customer loyalty rates. That would be delicious research.

I encourage you to dispatch chocolates with the expectation that you will make your customers happy and more loyal. I’d be happy to test out the theory. Send a box of Chocolate Delights Candiesto your customers this holiday season for their continued loyalty to you throughout the year! You will reap the reward and they will appreciate the delicious gift.

Call or stop in for your corporate gift giving and one of our specialist will help you give a unique gift for your company.  We can accommodate all price ranges to meet your needs.  We ship anywhere across the United States.  Local delivery available for larger orders.  Call for more details.


Order discounts for corporate gifts.

Orders for discounts are available on 1lb. boxes of "Chocolate Delights" assorted gourmet chocolates.

Order $500-$999       receive 10% discount

Order $1000-$5000   receive 15% discount

Discounts are not available on specialty ordered items 

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