Peppermint Crunch Christmas Bark

Peppermint Crunch Christmas Bark

Peppermint Crunch Christmas Bark

Homemade candy.

Doesn’t that sound delicious?

You probably wouldn’t attempt to do this but it is so simple you can easily make delicious bark in no time at all!

Melt 1 lb. our mint flavored chocolate using a double boiler. Heat water (do not boil water) take it off of the stove and place top part of double boiler on top with chocolate inside. Let the steam melt chocolate stirring while melting. Do not get any water into the chocolate. Top part of double boiler should not touch water inside bottom.

Spread mint chocolate onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. While that is cooling melt 2 lbs. of our white melting chocolate (using the same melting instructions above) add 1 lb. of our red and green peppermint crunch or red and white candy cane crunch with melted white chocolate and mix together quickly. Spread over top of the already cooled mint chocolate.

That’s it. You did it! Now break apart when cooled and add to one of our Holiday gift boxes for a delicious gift idea!

Of course, plain chocolate bark isn’t terrifically exciting. It’s what you put on (or in, or atop) it that creates the WOW factor! Use your imagination, nuts, M&M’s, cereal mixes, mini marshmallows, crushed oreos, you get it!

And luckily, the add-ons are completely up to your personal taste, and your imagination.

We have all kinds of easy crunches to make chocolate barks. Some of the other ideas include:

Hmmm… heath crunch with milk chocolate, expresso crunch with butterscotch chocolate, lemon crunch with white chocolate for a real refreshing treat, key lime crunch with chocolate as well…so easy and delicious!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a homemade Christmas gift that’s fast, easy, and “one size fits all,” look no further–

First start with a good melting chocolate…we carry Merckens which is great for melting and is smooth and delicious. Get the right ingredients for a great tasting bark.